Shingle Repairs

Shingles that are blow off due to high winds is not un common to see after a wind storm.

There are several causes of this and the most common cause that we see here at Moose On A Roof is improper placement of the roofing nails.

Other problems also include poor material, poor seal strip and poor workmanship. A good roof system needs to have two things.

  • Top quality installation
  • Top quality material used. Shingle repair can be done if the damage is not to extensive.
  • Other types of shingle repairs that may be needed is shingles that are cracked,loose and curling.

If there is a large amount of your roof that has these signs then your shingles may need to be replaced. If you would like us to inspect your roof please "get in touch".

Roof Vents

Ridge Vent is a Very important part of your roof system. It allows hot air to escape your attic space and prevent premature ageing on your roof system and also helps with ice damming in the winter. WE prefer to install a shingle over style ridge vent. We have found that a shingle over style vent is much more durable then a metal ridge vent.

When installation this type on ridge vent it is very important to us a 3" nail to insure that the vent is permanently secured to the roof decking.

Pipe Flashings

Right is a picture of a Pipe boot flashing. On the top of this flashing there is a rubber seal that holds tightly to the Pvc pipe witch in turn keeps the rain and snow from entering your house.This is one of the most common leaks that was see on our service calls.This flashing needs to be replaced and takes no more than 20 mins to replace. The most common place to see water in your home due to a bad pipe boot flashing is your bathroom.

Ice Damming & Ventilation

Why is Ventilation so important when it comes to ice damming?

Your Attic needs to be able to "breath". In the winter when your homes heat can not escape your attic fast enough it heats up the surface of you roof and water melts from the top down to the cooler area at the eave were it then re freezes.When this ice builds up, it creates a dam of ice, water builds up behind the dam therefore entering your house. Remember a roof  is designed to shed water not hold water.

Ice & Water Shield

Repel moisture from your roof. Over the years many roofs will experience some sort of wetness. Typical roofing felt paper sometimes isn't enough, especially for problem areas. When the time comes to replace your roof, consider the water repellant effects of ice and water shield and it's invaluable protection of your home's exterior.

Weatherguard or Weathershield, ice and water shield is a rubberized material that comes in a roll just like felt paper. Typical places for ice and water shield applications are along eaves and in valleys. Some roofers will use it around vents and chimneys as extra protection.

Typically one side of your water shield roll is extremely sticky and will adhese itself to your roof sheathing. The other side has a thin plastic backing that needs to be peeled off before applying. The upside of your ice shield roll has a sandy texture to it. Be extra carefull walking on the plastic after being removed. It is extremely slippery on a roof! Also be aware of walking on your ice and water shield after installation, especailly in summer heat.

Installing Weather Gaurd when installing ice and water shield, it is best for two people to work together and use only 8-10 feet sections. Often times trying to roll out your ice shield results in unwanted ripples. It's better to use sections with at least a two inch lap onto the previous piece. If you are installing more than one row across your roof, be sure not to have a seam directly above another seam. It's typically alright to nail areas that will then be lapped by the next piece of water shield.

Your ice and water shield will cost you more than felt paper, however the added benefit can be well worth it. On low pitched roofs it's highly recommended to install it at least along the eaves of your roof where a backup of ice, snow and water usually occurs.

With the added protection to your roof, fascia, attic and interior drywall, ice and water shield is an investment in your home's value and security

Chimney Repairs

Keeping your chimney in good condition is essential to keeping your chimney water tight, ineffective pointing is one of the major causes of water ingress causing staining and leaks around a chimney breast.

Other services include...

  • Brick repair / Brick restoration
  •  Stone repair / Stone restoration
  • Chimney repair / Chimney re-pointing
  • Re-pointing brick and stone