What does your roof go through?

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Moose On A Roof offers Maintenance Packages designed to fit any type of Roof & Budget.

  • Heavy rainfall can cause leaks
  • High winds can cause blow-offs and uplift
  • Extended rainfall can cauase pooling and leaks         
  • Sun exposure can cause blistering and erosion

What do the causes have in common? They occur naturally and are unavoidable. They are preventable when your roof is properly maintained throughout its life cycle.

Our maintenance packages include:

  • Removing built up Moss by lightly sweeping the roof
  • Cleaning inside of Gutters to property
  • Re-Spraying any Roof vents to prevent rusting
  • Re-Caulking any holes caused by nails
  • Spraying the entire Roof with "Moss prevention solution"

Please refer to the short video on this page.

Should you require a FREE Quote for Roof Cleaning Package or any individual service, feel free to get in touch.

Another way to prevent water damage to you roof is to install downpipe extensions. See pictures on this page for example.  


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