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Speedy Emergency Service for Leaky Roof

Review for Roof leaking inspection

Date: December 28, 2019Written by: Morgan HFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

We've recently had a water leak problem at our garage ceiling. And since we couldn't tell if it was a plumbing issue or a roof related, we needed to identify the cause in a timely manner. So we called both roofing and plumbing companies in our area. The Moose On A Roof was first to show up on Google and I gave them a call. I explained the situation and they said they would be happy to inspect it since we had a heavy rainfall the night prior. To my satisfaction, they showed up couple hours later and inspected the roof portion above the leak and adjacent exterior wall areas thoroughly. They determined the leak is not coming from the roof. Another few hours later, we had it inspected by a plumber and it was indeed a rusty staple that was shot right through the water pipe during the construction of our house. Apparently, it took several years for a staple to rust out and the pipe started leaking. Guys from Moose on a Roof were friendly, knowledgeable and honest. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs roofing related expertise!

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Excellent & Quick Service

Review for Leak Repair

Date: November 22, 2018Written by: R. SakakiFrom: Surrey/Cloverdale, BC, Canada

Jack and his team were quick to respond to a roof leak. They surveyed and check the overall condition of our roof and identified the leak as a minor repair. I found Jack to be very trustworthy and he didn't try to "upsell" me on a repair that wasn't required. I would definitely recommend Jack and Moose on a Roof (such a cool name)!

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Trustworthy, great work

Date: October 24, 2018Written by: Diane PaukerFrom: White Rock, BC, Canada

Friendly to deal with, knowledgeable - I completely trust this company. They came promptly to assess the situation and then did a fantastic job (new shed roof and clean/treat main roof for moss build-up). I would definitely use them again.

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Great job from start to finish

Review for Roof repair

Date: April 30, 2018Written by: Denton MuirFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you Moose on a Roof crew. You guys did a fantastic job on everything including clean up! Looks brand new!

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Moose on a Roof are quick to respond and reliable!

Review for Emergency service - roof leak repair

Date: April 28, 2018Written by: Stephanie L.From: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Moose on a Roof are quick to respond and reliable! They answered my call on a late Friday afternoon as my roof was leaking. They came out late afternoon/early evening of that day to assess and said that they'll be back tomorrow to patch the roof. As they promised they came out on a Saturday to patch the roof! I highly recommend them and will use them again for my roofing needs!

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Hidden / Built-In / EPDM Gutter Repair and Improvement

Date: April 24, 2018Written by: K&NFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

We’ve had our hidden (built-in / EPDM) gutters overflowing problem for years. No matter how many times a year we have our gutters cleaned, when it rains heavily, which happens pretty much continuously for 8 months of the year in BC, we still saw water overflowing excessively.

And it turns out it wasn’t that pipes were kept getting clogged by leaves or debris. Original builders installed too small pipes, just 1” in diameter, throughout the roof lines and it was too small for the square footage of the roof surface area and the water volume was just too much for those small pipes to handle.

And we’ve recently had all those pipes replaced with twice bigger pipes and the Moose on a Roof team was incredibly professional. We called several roofing and gutter contractors in Surrey and White Rock area and Moose on a Roof was the first to return my call and arrived to take a quick look the next day. One other trip was followed and their work started with thorough inspection of the entire roof and identified a list of issues that should be addressed, including number of cracked shingles and compromised membranes and seams. When Jack Hickman came down from the roof, he had series of photos taken and explained them in detail.

Once the problems were identified, they cleaned the entire gutter lines thoroughly. And then they started replacing pipes one by one and in doing so they repaired all those issues on the list. Total of 13 pipes were replaced and all downspouts were adjusted to fit the new and bigger pipes installed.

Jeff, Jake and Peter were all very professional, courteous and on time. I will strongly recommend Jack at Moose on a Roof and his team to anyone who is in need of roof repairs or gutter problems fixed. I will certainly be calling them again whenever I need anything roof or gutter related.

 A new and bigger drain pipe is in place in our hidden gutter.
 They work began with thorough cleaning of our entire gutters.
 On the left is what we had before. It was just 1'' pipe which was too small to handle heavy rain water. We had them replaced with twice bigger pipes, total 13 of them.
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Quality, integrity and pride of workmanship are what you can expect

Review for New roofing project

Date: March 2, 2018Written by: ToddFrom: White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

Quality, integrity and pride of workmanship are what you can expect when hiring the crew at Moose on a Roof. Jack and Anita (owners) were very quick to respond to my online inquiry and I had an onsite quote the same day.

I was given an honest estimate on how long my existing roof may last and decided to go ahead with a full replacement. The full disclosure on pricing for the job with and without any hidden problems helped me to put together my budget and it actually was a much lower price than i thought it would be.

I will fully recommend Moose on a Roof, they are not just a catchy name!

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They repair both roof and gutter problems at the same time, which was big bonus!

Date: February 25, 2018Written by: K.D.From: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Our home has hidden gutters and last November we had a compromised membrane at one corner of the roof linings, which was causing water seeping through soffits and down to an adjacent wall. We called several gutter repair companies in the area and were told that it was more of a roofing problem, than gutter issues.

So, we Googled and emailed to a few roofing contractors we could find online and Moose on a Roof was first to respond. They came the next day, inspected the situation and repaired it on the spot. While they were up on our roof, they walked through entire roof and identified few other issues that I should take care of, including handful number of cracked shingles, supported by photos they took.

Because the temperature was quite low, a permanent repair could not be guaranteed thus they explained the fix they did was an emergency measure only, but assured us that it was good enough to get us through rainy season without any issues. It indeed provided leak-free few months during the heaviest of raining.

Jack Hickman and his crew were pleasant to work with and their pricing was very reasonable. We plan on hiring them again in the spring and have a complete maintenance and preventative services and necessary repairs done on our roof and gutter systems. I will recommend them to anyone who needs reliable roof or gutter repair, maintenance and installation contractor.

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Very pleased with our guttering project

Date: November 6, 2017Written by: RonFrom: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Overall I am pleased with the work to install downpipes and gutters. Peter was professional and did a good job, including proper cleanup. Thank you very much!

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I highly recommend Moose on a Roof

Date: October 26, 2017Written by: AlmaFrom: South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for the great work! I will be happy to recommend your service to our neighbors and friends!

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