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Speedy Emergency Service for Leaky Roof

Review for Roof leaking inspection

Date: December 28, 2019Written by: Morgan HFrom: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

We've recently had a water leak problem at our garage ceiling. And since we couldn't tell if it was a plumbing issue or a roof related, we needed to identify the cause in a timely manner. So we called both roofing and plumbing companies in our area. The Moose On A Roof was first to show up on Google and I gave them a call. I explained the situation and they said they would be happy to inspect it since we had a heavy rainfall the night prior. To my satisfaction, they showed up couple hours later and inspected the roof portion above the leak and adjacent exterior wall areas thoroughly. They determined the leak is not coming from the roof. Another few hours later, we had it inspected by a plumber and it was indeed a rusty staple that was shot right through the water pipe during the construction of our house. Apparently, it took several years for a staple to rust out and the pipe started leaking. Guys from Moose on a Roof were friendly, knowledgeable and honest. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs roofing related expertise!