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They repair both roof and gutter problems at the same time, which was big bonus!

Date: February 25, 2018Written by: K.D.From: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Our home has hidden gutters and last November we had a compromised membrane at one corner of the roof linings, which was causing water seeping through soffits and down to an adjacent wall. We called several gutter repair companies in the area and were told that it was more of a roofing problem, than gutter issues.

So, we Googled and emailed to a few roofing contractors we could find online and Moose on a Roof was first to respond. They came the next day, inspected the situation and repaired it on the spot. While they were up on our roof, they walked through entire roof and identified few other issues that I should take care of, including handful number of cracked shingles, supported by photos they took.

Because the temperature was quite low, a permanent repair could not be guaranteed thus they explained the fix they did was an emergency measure only, but assured us that it was good enough to get us through rainy season without any issues. It indeed provided leak-free few months during the heaviest of raining.

Jack Hickman and his crew were pleasant to work with and their pricing was very reasonable. We plan on hiring them again in the spring and have a complete maintenance and preventative services and necessary repairs done on our roof and gutter systems. I will recommend them to anyone who needs reliable roof or gutter repair, maintenance and installation contractor.